• New Constructions

    With decades of residential, commercial, and industrial projects under our belt, we provide expert insight ensuring your project is built right.

  • Renovations

    From refreshing a bathroom to a complete home renovation, our team is eager to work with you on the best solution for your needs.

  • Maintenance

    With our customized maintenance service, all our customers have peace of mind knowing that their mechanical and gas systems as well as equipment are performing at their best.



From building out water and drainage piping systems to installing new plumbing fixtures, our team leverages its pipefitting expertise to bring every project to life.

Heating & Steam

With winters like ours, there is no doubt that heating is one of our core competencies. May your project involve hot water heating systems, radiators, boilers or designing a mechanical room, we are here to help.


We have the expertise to design the best solution to ensure air quality and comfort throughout your home.

Gas Systems

With our team’s knowledge and thoroughness, we will offer you piece of mind when installing gas lines, furnaces, and hot water tanks as well as home appliances like fireplaces, kitchen ranges, BBQs, pool heaters and more.

Geothermal Energy

LL.C. Gendron believes in the importance of renewable energy and that’s why we have developed an expertise in geothermal energy. We install and maintain geothermal heat pump systems.

Radiant floors & Snow Melt Systems

With over 200,000 feet of tubbing installed for residential and commercial radiant floors and snow melts, L.C. Gendron can design and implement a system that fits your needs.

Backflow Prevention

Our certified team members can design, install, inspect, and maintain your backflow preventors to avoid any contaminants from reaching your clean water supply.

Leak Detection Systems

Conscientious of water consumption and damage, our team is trained to install leak detection systems that will track consumption and send notifications as soon as a leak appears.